Top 5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids and Adults in Saskatoon

Dec 2, 2023Events, News

Searching for exciting birthday party ideas in Saskatoon? We know how tough it can be trying to host a unique and memorable birthday celebration. Here’s a variety of fun and exciting activities that promise an unforgettable experience whether you’re planning something for the kids or for some friends who are kids at heart. Here are our five top picks:

1. Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza

Scavenger hunts are a thrilling way to explore and discover. Tailored to your interests, these hunts can lead you through Saskatoon’s streets, combining local landmarks with intriguing challenges. Travel down the Meewasin or scour downtown for clues! Scavenger hunts are a great way to get you and your friends outside and having fun.

For a younger crowd, you can put together something in the backyard or bring it inside if the weather outside isn’t cooperating. You can hide things away or make a list of common items around the house and see how long it takes for the little ones to find everything!

2. Outdoor Adventure Games

Energize your birthday party with outdoor games that blend physical activity and fun. Host your own mini-Olympics and put your party guests to the challenge with feats of strength and dexterity! This can be a lot of fun if your group is competitive and wants to play to win. Or, if you’re wanting to make sure that everyone is just having a good time, especially if you’re putting together something for the kids, you can try to take into account the different talents of everyone in attendance and put together some games that play to each of their strengths!

If you’re ever running short on game ideas, you can always get in touch with the team here at Lumina and we’ll put together the perfect adventure!

3. Puzzle Games

Inject excitement into your birthday party with a series of quick, engaging challenges. Puzzle games go really well when paired with some outdoor adventures and other physical challenges. One gets your blood pumping and the other gives you a chance to flex your mental muscles. This can be something as simple as riddles and brain teasers or as complex as an escape room. If you’re putting together some puzzle challenges for your friends or for a children’s birthday, you want to make sure that you balance out the skill and be ready with a few hints when needed.

These kinds of games are especially nice once winter hits. They give you a chance to curl up with some brain-bending fun while enjoying a hot chocolate and avoiding that bitter Saskatoon wind chill!

4. Trivia Night

Dive into a night of trivia where each question sparks laughter and competition. Whether it’s general knowledge or quirky facts about the birthday person, trivia games are a hit for any party. You can mix them in throughout the evening or make them the main event!

Adding trivia to your party can be a lot of fun for kids, too. Keep the questions appropriate for their grade level and make sure you have some prizes (enough for everyone so no one is left out!) and they’ll be sure to have a blast!

If you’re not interested in putting together a tailored list of trivia questions, Lumina’s hosted Trivia Game Shows take care of all the logistics, providing an entertaining and smooth experience.

5. Interactive Murder Mystery

Conclude your birthday party with a bang by hosting an interactive murder mystery. Guests engage in a story full of twists and turns, playing roles in a suspenseful narrative. These are especially fun for themed parties. Start by hanging out as 1920s gangers or as bandits in a wild west saloon, and then bam! Someone drops and the real fun begins! This can be a special treat for the birthday person—perhaps they get to be the detective and take centre stage to put the mystery together. Or, maybe they’re the victim, and now all of their friends have to come together to figure out whodunnit.

An interactive mystery can be a lot of fun for kids, too! Although, depending on their age, it probably won’t be a murder. Nonetheless, the kids can take on the role of the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew as they try to figure out the mystery of the missing teddy or the cookie jar bandit. The whole experience can be a great bit of imaginative play and learning at the same time!

If you’re wanting to make your next birthday party—for adults or kids—an unforgettable mystery adventure, Lumina can handle all of the details and bring the fun right to you!

Choose Lumina Adventure Entertainment for the Ultimate Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Lumina is dedicated to making your birthday celebration in Saskatoon extraordinary. Our team works with you to bring these ideas to life, tailoring each experience to your preferences. From planning to execution, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable celebration. Contact us at 306-261-9323 or to start planning an adventure-filled birthday party!

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